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With Fit To Wear you will have your garments individually and professionally fitted to your requirements.


Jeans Hem
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We take care of a wide variety of your hemming needs — from simple machine hems, to more complex multi-layered formal dresses.

Simply bring your garment into the shop and try it on in our fitting room. With the help of a variety of mirrors, your garment will be pinned to the length you’re happy with. With formal wear it is ideal to also bring the shoes and undergarments that will be worn with the dress.

Come and see us about:

  • Trouser hems
  • Jeans hems
  • Shirt hems
  • Dress hems
  • Formal hems
  • Suit alterations
  • Curtain hems

Zip Replacement

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Nylon, invisible, metal, jeans zip and open-ended zippers can all be replaced to extend the life of a garment.

Broken zippers will be carefully unpicked and professionally replaces with a new zip of the same type, as close to the original colour as possible.

School Uniforms

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Alterations to school uniforms are at heavily discounted prices as we understand the many costs involved in putting kids through school.

We leave a wide hem when taking up dresses, skirts and trousers, so they can be let down as the child grows.

Blazer sleeves can also be taken up in a way that makes it easy to let them down later on.

Other Services

Come in and ask about our full range of services:
Too loose

  • Take In/Let Out
  • Mending & Buttons
  • Reshaping
  • Minor suit adjustments
  • Upcycling
  • Measurements for online stores
  • And much more…

All quotations are subject to an examination of the garment. Bring your garment in and have a fitting. It is the best way to ensure the altered garment fits perfectly and we can finalise the price.

We are not tailors. Adjusting the pants is no problem; the jacket needs careful consideration. If the shoulders are right and just minor adjustments are required, we can help you with adjustments such as tapering at the waist and shortening the sleeves. Seek a tailor for any more significant alterations.

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Our machines do not handle heavy leather garments or items. We suggest you see Rob Bowler of Buderim Shoe Repairs at Shop 16, Buderim Mall, 86 Burnett Street, Buderim. or call 07 5456 1618.